Q. Who are we?
A. We are Be Timeshare Free, a professional timeshare liquidation service that has been in operation since 2001. Our services offer straightforward solutions to eliminate the expenses and hassles associated with your timeshare, legally and with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Q. Who is our liquidation service intended for?
A. BTF’s liquidation service is intended for people who:

  • Are no longer using their timeshare.
  • Inherited a timeshare they don’t want.
  • Bought a timeshare with a spouse, but are now widowed or divorced.
  • Have tried to sell their timeshare before, but found no prospective buyers.
  • Find they can’t go where they want, when they want, because trading has become more difficult.
  • By the time you pay annual maintenance fees, exchange company membership dues, and exchange fees you spend more than $1,400 for a week long vacation.
  • Occasional special assessments
  • Maintenance fees started at $350 and now are nearly $1,200.
  • Are tired of jumping through hoops to try to use the timeshare
  • Have found new ways of going on vacation that cost much less than using the timeshare
  • Have children who do not want to inherit a timeshare.

Q. Will my name be off of the deed?
A. Yes, ownership is legally transferred. Depending on the property, title is transferred via Deed, Membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by the resorts official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions).

Q. Who do you use to transfer the timeshare out of my name?
A. A licensed, insured, and bonded escrow company will handle the transfer of title out of your name.

Q. How long does the liquidation process typically take?
A. The transfer process typically take between 4-12 weeks. This not include the time the resort or recorders office may need to complete the process.

Q. Who will be responsible for my future fees?
A. From the day of closing Be Timeshare Free (BTF) and or its assigns will be responsible to pay all future maintenance fees, special assessments, and property taxes related to ownership of the timeshare.

Q. What does BTF do with my timeshare?
A. BTF liquidates the timeshare through a number of different channels; brokers, charities, private parties, and vacation clubs have been the recipients of many of the liquidated properties.

Q. I once paid a company over $700 upfront to sell my timeshare, but then nothing happened. How is your company different?
A. BTF is not a listing company. BTF DOES NOT charge a “Listing Fee”, “Advertising Fee” or “Appraisal Fee” promising to transfer the property once a phantom buyer is secured at inflated market prices. Our services are guaranteed to transfer the timeshare out of your name.